We Offer

We have 1000 friends in social media, but have very few neighbourhood friends with whom we can spend some time in weekend. We let u connect with your neighbours and build communities, which may result in carpooling once in a week.

We Believe

Nowadays we don’t know our neighbours. Sometimes we see them working in the same building or the same street. Traditional Carpooling will never workout if it's predefined. Sometimes you may require to be in office at early hours or need to spend longer hours. Imagine if you know atleast 6-10 neighbours around you travelling in the same direction, so the number of pool options you get are many. Amplelogic believes in building communities for social cause.

Our Experience

We have been offering this nonprofit service from 5 years, 3000 active corporate user's use our services. Every day new corporate users join us. We managed to cut down 40 cars on average.

Our Aim

We join clubs or use social networking sites to meet new people. But RideMates believe In-Person interaction is the best way in building long term relations with like minded people. Many of us will spend good amount of time behind wheels. Why can't we use this commute for an interesting conversation with someone who may become your Personal friend?

  • Contribution to cut down 80% Private vehicle occupancy on Hyderabad roads
  • Suggestions to Improve Public Transport System in IT Zone
  • Avoid People take Overloaded Auto Risk
  • Volunteering to follow Traffic Rules
  • Encouraging ORR Usage (Using ORR one can reach on time but it will be long distance and an expensive travel. If a rider can get along 2 or 3 people they can enjoy the comfort with less expenditure)